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Megan P.

I have been doing hair for 5 years and have been with G+P for over 4 years. I love to do colours and cuts. I specialize in updo’s. I love that our industry is always evolving in terms of styles and trends. There’s always something new and exciting to try. It keeps my career interesting and it’s never boring! I attract clients that are open to hearing my professional opinion and that are just as excited about getting their hair done, as I am to do it! I enjoy going to hair shows, competitions, and taking hair classes to refresh my skills and inspire me. I’ve become obsessed with and Pinterest as I’m always looking to find out what’s new or coming next in the industry. If I’m not doing hair, you can find me at the yoga studio or with my better half enjoying life.


I have been doing hair for 32 years and have been with G+P for 22 years. My styling forte is cuts, colours, and perms. I excel at working with challenging hair types and doing challenging styles and cuts. I like working for an organized company, being part of a great team of stylists, and being able to take advantage of so many learning opportunities at G+P. I love the families that come to the salon. Doing small kids hair and then the next thing you know, you are doing their hair for their prom, then their wedding! I also enjoy giving busy businesswoman a cut and style with a wow factor that is easy to do and maintain at home and that lasts through their busy workday. I enjoy gardening and giving back to my family, friends, and community.


I have been doing hair for 3 years and have been with G+P for 1 ½ years. I really like doing men’s cuts and layering on woman with mid-length to long hair. I love using different colour techniques, creating new looks, and doing perms that add volume and wave in the hair. I love the hair industry for the pure fact of how it makes people feel. You can make someone’s day or just perk up their mood simply with a haircut or a few foils. Everyone enjoys feeling good about themselves. Having a client leave your salon with a new look created by you that gives them more confidence is a great feeling. I like going to hair related events such as classes that teach you new things and hair shows that demonstrate the latest trends. On my weekends, I enjoy spending time with my dogs and learning how to cook for my fiancé.


I have been doing hair for 22 years and have been with G+P for 15 years. I excel at making every hairstyle unique to that person and teaching them how to achieve the same style at home.

Colouring hair is one of the things I specialize in, both foiling highlights and permanent colour. After being in the industry so long, I can also give you a great perm! I love the fact that the industry has grown so much over time. The industry is creating something new everyday. Now we have so many choices. I really believe that you attract the same type of person that you are. I attract clients that listen to advice and that I can learn from. I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, and walking on my treadmill.